Hello and Welcome to my page.

As the creater of Lola March Wellness, I believe that "Wellness begins Within". 

My Holistic approach to Wellness is a balance between the Mind, Body, Soul and Emotions.

My passion to guide you out of pain and suffering is the driving force of what I do because I have been there myself and know how it feels to be confused and alone. I had immense feelings of shame and guilt especially around my childhood sexual abuse and many other traumas throughout my life.

Unknowingly carrying these emotions were painful and damaging, impacting every aspect of my life.

Trauma and Abuse victims do not create the suffering and we need to learn to release it. Our lives become more meaningful when we are no longer carrying this burden around.

My own healing journey has spanned over 20 years where I have overcome many challenges, from allowing abuse in my relationships to a life on the streets, through to successfully completing university.

Experiencing these different situations has been a great learning experience. This is the reason I am so passionate about coaching and mentoring those that are ready to begin their own journey. 

Reflecting on my own experiences, I have created a process for you to achieve optimum wellness in any area of your life you wish to apply it.

The process begins by recognising patterns of behaviour and the impacts of them. Releasing limiting beliefs and fears preventing you from growing and being ready to embrace the opportunities that arise. These techniques can be used to improve any area of your life.

I love working with a new generation of people who are breaking their silence of abuse and recognising that wellness really does begin within and are inspired towards improving their physical and emotional health as a result.

These people discover a new found confidence that enables them to enjoy their careers, relationships and overall wellness.

For people interstate and overseas, sessions are via Skype or phone

Contact me today for a no obligation 20min Skype or phone consultation to see if we connect and if you are ready for the next phase of your journey. For people not in Melbourne, Australia. Sessions are available online.

Email lola@lolamarchwellness.com.au

​My programs include:


Offering face to face, Skype or phone sessions.


My meditation sessions are unique and a combination of breathing, soundscape of voice and Tibetian bowls including crystal and colour techniques with an energetic healing. A great way for relaxation and release.  


Sessions may be face to face or by phone or Skype. I use Intuitive Energy Healing and Reiki together with Crystals, Sound and Colour therapy for your healing journey.  This is a non-invasive technique and does not involve massage.


-The 'Essence of You'  Program covers;

- 6 x 2 hour series of workshops to enable time to reflect and work on things you are learning and putting into practice.

You will learn more about yourself, your passions and what drives you while being supported through your positive changes.
Learn deep self directed healing practices that will inspire you to reconnect with the Essence of You.
In each session there will be interactive classes for fast learning and powerful techniques to practice

-Crystal Workshops are iteractive and designed for you to expolore the world of crystals. You will begin to use them as a tool for self healing.

If a group situation is not your thing, I run the workshops as one on one Skype packages, these have become very popular as you are in the comfort of your own home.

Contact me for a free 20min no obligation chat or any further questions on 0422 687 717, Email lola@lolamarchwellness.com.au 


"So blessed to have discovered Lola.  I was looking for a healer when I first moved here a couple of months back and out of all those listed, felt compelled to call her as soon as I read her name.   She was the first person I called and I am so glad she was.  Aside from having a beautiful, infectious energy, Lola is incredibly nurturing and intuitive.  I was in a really sad, stressed space and I felt such a difference within a day of seeing her.   Lola works hard at helping you shift things and to feel supported but also helps empower you to do your own shifting.  I feel so much more peaceful and grounded and also much better equipped to help heal myself since meeting Lola.   Her meditation evenings are the best and it has been amazing seeing the difference in people from week to week.  But perhaps the best way to sum it up is to say that Lola has changed the way I feel when I wake up each day. Thank you Lola." 
Miranda of Brunswick, Victoria